Firm Overview

New York City Business Law Attorney

Attorney David H. Relkin, Esq. handles a wide range of commercial legal matters for clients, including litigation, arbitration, bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyances, construction, collections, corporate law, letters of credit, trademark disputes, goods sold and delivered, mechanic's liens, foreclosures, violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, identity theft and violations of the Deceptive Acts and Practices Act.

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Representative Cases

Attorney David H. Relkin knows how to help clients find solutions to a wide variety of business law issues, as illustrated by the following examples:

  • Mr. Relkin has handled challenging cases such as fraud and breach of contract involving investment bankers and attorneys representing fictitious investors.
  • He has handled RICO (The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act) disputes.
  • He successfully sued principals of a company for fraudulent conveyances who transferred money to themselves in satisfaction of previously-filed security interests.
  • He successfully litigated a landmark decision applying the law of fraudulent conveyances to arbitration disputes.
  • Mr. Relkin handles numerous arbitrations each year involving virtually every type of commercial dispute and is well known for his zealous and strategic abilities as an arbitration advocate and attorney.
  • He regularly handles preference defense actions in bankruptcy, representing companies being sued by a bankrupt company or Trustee for payments made to creditors within 90 days of a Bankruptcy.
  • He aggressively represents unpaid shippers of goods against recalcitrant buyers, both in State and Federal Courts and Arbitration Tribunals, including the American Arbitration Association.
  • He regularly represents suppliers of goods to bankrupt companies who can reclaim their goods or assert priority claims when goods were shipped to the bankrupt within 20 days of a bankruptcy filing--a principle called reclamation.
  • He has handled landmark cases involving banks dishonoring or wrongly honoring checks or letters of credit.
  • He has handled cases involving fraudulent documents presented under letters of credit.
  • And he has litigated and collected substantial outstanding receivables or uncollected judgments.

Hybrid and Suit Fees

Excessive legal fees should not stop a client with a good case from retaining Mr. Relkin. David H. Relkin often offers clients hybrid fee arrangements whereby he is paid a reasonable lawsuit fee or reduced hourly rates in addition to receiving a percentage of damages collected. In addition, he offers attorneys' fee arrangements whereby the client pays an agreed amount for a project or is assured of a cap on legal fees. These flexible legal fee arrangements often make the difference between bringing a case which one might otherwise drop and prove themselves to be mutually beneficial to lawyer and client.

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